Your personal pill reminder

Let Medfox app take care of your medication regimen and never miss a pill again. Record all your pill intakes and stay on top of your meds!

Available for free on iOS and Android. 

Připomínky léků Medfox - iPhone a Android mobil vedle sebe se spuštěnou aplikací na připomínky a záznam léků


Pill reminder

It becomes hard to remember dosing schedules of your every medication you take. We've got your back with Medfox pill reminder feature. Complex dosing schedules supported.

map of Pharmacies

Need to know where is the nearest pharmacy? Just a few taps in our app and you'll know where to pick up your medications.

Medicine database

Setting up a pill reminder gets easier thanks to our local meds database. Scan the meds barcode and information will load up automatically.

All your meds in one place

Add all of your medications to Medfox app and stay organised. Know exactly at a quick glance what you need to take today.